Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company have the ability to handle large accounts?

Yes. We currently clean facilities that are in excess of 4.5 million sq. ft. so we are capable of handling large size facilities, and will always hire and train additional staff to assure your facility gets the care and attention it deserves.

Do you provide formal training for your staff?

Yes. Our employees are very important to us and we recognize that keeping up with changing trends in the industry is crucial. Our employees receive an extensive initial training session when they are hired that outlines how to clean, what chemicals are used for what task, safety issues, and basic equipment usage. In addition, our floor care staff is sent to training seminars so that their knowledge of procedures, equipment and chemicals is always current. We are also an OSHA certified cleaning company, to ensure adequate safety precautions are being met at our various job sites.


You will not have to provide anything! The Custom Commercial Cleaning team will take with us all the equipment, products and accessories necessary to perform the service. However, if you have a product of your preference and want us to use it, simply ask one of our assistants to apply it.


Custom Commercial Cleaning reserves a fixed day and time indefinitely for you to have no surprises. You can always cancel a service or cancel any appointments, informing us 2 days in advance at no cost to you . We may simply cancel this cleaning or reschedule on another day or time of your choice.

What type of contract do you require?

We offer many different types of contracts. Our quality of service is our guarantee that you will keep wanting to do business with us. Should your circumstances change for any reason we kindly as for a 30-day courtesy notice that you wish to discontinue our services.